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Nurses who apply with us soon realize that Global Access Staffing Services does not only give them access to employment in the United States, but more importantly, it gives them and their families and loved ones, an access to a better life.
Our placement expertise is available to the following foreign trained nurses:
RNs who have passed the CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) Certification Exam;
RNs who have passed the NCLEX (National Council Licensing Exam) that will allow them to practice nursing in states that require a license;
  • RNs who have completed all the requirements to obtain a license to practice nursing in the state in which they will work;
  • RNs who have at least one year of experience in specialties;
  • RNs who hold a valid nursing license in the country of origin;
  • RNs who have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree;
  • RNs who qualify for a US Immigrant Visa;
  • RNs who have screened for competencies.
For starters, qualified applicants can look forward to enjoying the following advantages:
  1. Good Location of Sponsor Hospitals or  Nursing Homes, a majority of which are located in the dynamic New York and New Jersey Area;
  2. High Potential for Professional Growth and Career Advancement;
  3. Possible Education Scholarship for Highly Qualified Applicants (Provided by Sponsor Hospital or Nursing Homes, and subject to availability of slots);
  4. Fast and Above Average Application Processing Time;
  5. Provision for a Temporary Housing Allowance and Dedicated Assistance to the Applicant’s search for eventual housing facilities;
  6. Applicant Care Hotline Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Do not just take our word for it, come read what our very satisfied and fulfilled applicants have to say about the new life that they and their loved ones found in the United States with the help of Global Access Staffing Services (click to read Testimonials)
Global Access Staffing Services holds the key to the fulfillment of  nurses’ dreams for a better tomorrow. If you are a nurse who holds such a dream, then just prepare the following requirements and you may soon realize that a better life awaits you.


  1. Prepare Requirements and mail to Global Access (380 South Washington Ave., Bergenfield, NJ 07621)
  2. Global Access sends applicant Sign-up Packet
  3. Return Sign-up Packet to Global Access
  4. Application is processed
  5. Wait for Receipt from USCIS
  6. Wait for Approval from USCIS
  7. Once approved, applicant will pay NVC fee
  8. USCIS sends DS230 form for applicant to fill out
  9. Applicant sends DS230 form to Global Access
  10. Re-submit updated documents. All documents are required to be certified and can be aquired from NSO. Documents needed are Birth Certificate, NBI Clearance, Marriage Certificate, and updated Passport (if passport expired during the application process)
  11. Wait for notice of interview from USCIS
  12. Schedule and attend Pre-departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) [[POEA Link1POEA Link2]]


Requirements for I-140 petition for Registered Nurses:
  • Current Resume
  • Copy of College Diploma
  • Copy of College Transcript
  • Professional Regulation Commission Certificate (Certified copies to be submitted to  Global to follow at the soonest possible time)
  • CGFNS Certificate or US RN License Copy
  • Visa Screen Certificate or TOEFL/TSE, TWE and/or IELTS (any one of these are acceptable)
  • Birth Certificate-for applicant and eligible members of family
  • Marriage Contract (if applicable)
  • Names of Spouse and Children (if applicable)
  • Passport-copy of pages with Data and Visa
  • Three color passport photos (photograph must have white background, features clear cut, must be a regular passport type photograph.  Face in photo must be at least one inch long. )
NOTE: Upon decision to sign up with Global, a Sign Up Packet will be provided to the applicant.  The forms in the Packet must be filled up in its entirety and must be returned to Global Access Staffing Services, Inc.
Sign Up Packet contains the following forms:
  • Interview Questions for Foreign Recruitment
  • Placement Agreement
  • Authorization to Do Character Reference Check
  • Applicant’s Additional Information
  • Application for Permanent Employment Certification
  • Two Letters of Character Reference (no form attached, applicant to provide letter)
  • Fees that the applicant is responsible for are:
Fees to obtain Visa Screen Certificate
  • Fees for CGFNS
  • Fees for TOEFL, TSE, TWE and /or IELTS
  • Fees for US Licensure Exam
  • Fees for National Visa Center
  • Fees for Physical Exam for Immigrants
For any further information or inquiries, please email: